Aquapath-Soil provides support services for irrigation, based on satellite images, hydrological models and meteorological data (See Forescasts). Users can observe the project results through the website page maps of Leaf Area Index (LAI – View maps) and animated maps of Actual Evapotranspiration (ETA – View maps), and through SMS messages throughout the period with meteorological information and actual evapotranspiration. LAI maps were obtained from satellite images and validated with LAI local measures (View details). A tool was already developed that reads the satellite images LAI and produces maps of biomass (Biomass – View maps).

From the start of the service in 2010 the number of cornfields (irrigated with pivot) that are part of the service has been increasing gradually:

The information provided in the SMS is obtained by the SWAT model running operationally (see updated forecast) systematically that determine the current values of evapotranspiration estimated from the previous week, based on data from the meteorological station nearest to each field (precipitation, temperature, relative humidity, wind and radiation). It also sent the value of actual evapotranspiration scheduled for next week. The estimates obtained from the meteorological model MM5 are used as inputs to the model.

The ETA maps were generated by MOHID LAND model and represent the evapotranspiration accumulated weekly throughout the corn growing period between May and September (see some maps). The model used as input data the LAI maps and meteorology values.

To see an example of an ETA map over the actual terrain:

To see an example of a LAI map over the actual terrain:

  • Just clik here: LAI in google maps
  • Or download the folowing Google Earth file LAI KMZ file (you need to install Google Earth to be able to see this map).

To see an example of a Biomass map over the actual terrain: